Hold Up…


I don’t know about you, but with the new year beginning, I have a ton of things that I want and need to get done. I have to go grocery shopping, exchange/return a gift for someone, pick up a new calendar, and much more.

Although I have to do all of these things, it seems that I won’t be doing them the way that I planned today. Why?
What’s the hold up?

My baby is a bit cranky and teething…

She is normally smiling and very calm. However this teething, like with all babies, has changed her temperament.

I haven’t been a working mom in a very long time, but as a stay at home mom, we get a bit off schedule when one of my kids isn’t feeling well. So, we have to take things a bit slower today. That may be a good thing. As you see, I had a list of things to do today.

I tried everything this morning to make her feel better. No matter what I did, she just looked at me. But that’s what happens when kids begin teething.

One of my friends went through something similar. Her son was teething and the doctors thought he was having an upper respiratory issue. They put the baby through all sorts of tests. Nothing solved the issue until she gave him some teething tablets.

I remember feeling concerned about my first son when he began teething. He had diarrhea, a fever, a runny nose, and he cried a lot. My mother inlaw told me to get him some teething tablets, Humphries, and that cleared up most of the symptoms.

I’m just going to wait for a while before I head out. My baby needs some rest. It must be hard producing teeth.

Do you remember what it was like having a teething baby? What did you do to help the baby cope?

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