Q & A: Do you struggle with being a stay at home mom?

Q & A

Happy Friday everyone.  As I announced yesterday, I will be doing a Q & A every Friday.  Our first question comes from Elizabeth. Hello! I, too, am a grateful SAHM. But, I am in what seems to be a very small group of SAHMs with older children (one tween and one teen) who does not homeschool. Lately, I've had several conversations with moms my age who've said, "What would I do with myself if I didn't work?" I, personally, don't have any problem finding things to do (two words: band mom). But … [Continue reading...]

Come and See…I’m Doing Something New

Time For Something New

Have you heard?!  I am doing something new, here at Being Mrs. Mom, and I am very excited about it! The Newsletter Over the past few years, I have wanted to have a way to promote other bloggers.  I have often thought about a weekly post that gave them the spotlight, but it just did not seem like the best option.  After doing some thinking and brain storming, I have decided to establish a newsletter that will be used for multiple purposes. Featuring other bloggers that I believe … [Continue reading...]

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Don't be so hard on yourself

Now, I am going to say that this will not be an easy pill to swallow. Not just for you, but for me too. This morning as my husband was leaving the house, he kissed my youngest daughter and told her that she was beautiful.  Then he leaned over and gave me a kiss.  He […]

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On Matters of the Heart: The One Who is Hurt

Matters of the Heart: Hurt
This entry is part 1 of 0 in the series On Matters of the Heart

In all of my years upon this earth, I have come to learn a few things on matters of the heart.  Today I am going to discuss hurt. It may seem like a very broad topic, but hurt, when it comes to matters of the heart is like a double-sided coin.  You just can’t win. […]

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Finding My Place

My place in all of this

There are times where you know where you fit it. Then there are times when you don’t. This weekend I spent some time looking at the world, my life, and ministry. As I looked and thought, I wondered where I fit in.  I started thinking about the big picture and how God wants to use […]

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Just Be You


Being original isn’t hard, but for some reason, we all struggle at it a little bit. We look around and see certain things working for some people and other things working for others. We wonder, “could any of this work for me.” Without saying no, I am saying that it is extremely critical that we […]

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Summer Fun


It summertime!!! Yay!!!! Do you know what that means?! It means that my family and I get to do great things everyday…together. Now although my husband will be able to do things with us, the summer fun will mostly consist of my kids and I hanging out. We love going to the pool, running through […]

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3 Essential Tools Needed To Stay Organized


We have been talking about getting organized. There are a lot of things that you could get to stay organized, but there are three essential tools that you should make sure to not only acquire, but to hold on to and become very fond of. 1. Something to record with I always keep pens with […]

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A Moment to Ponder


The organization posts will pick back up tomorrow. For now, let’s think on this. (photo from lifehack.com) Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. This says a lot… Let’s take some […]

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5 Reasons Why Should You Be Organized?


Yesterday we discussed the idea of organization.  We looked at getting it together. We all need to be organized, right?! But have you ever asked why? Why would anyone want to take the time out of their lives to organize and plan, when they could be doing something…productive? Well, I am going to give you […]

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