To Move Forward

This morning is sit, listening to the sound of the birds singing outside of my window. This window isn’t one that I normally have. For it’s a family window out of town. In the beautiful mountains. Here there is peace and tranquility. There is freedom. The freedoms feels almost limitless. What I mean is that the land is not bound by fences and walls. Instead our children can simply run free in the land.

We saw a bear about 50 feet away from us. We also saw the deer grazing the land. With all of this, I have taken time within myself to simply rest. I wanted to allow myself time to breath.

There are times when our entire being needs a break. God said that we should rest and we need to make sure that we are listening to what He has told us to do. It is when we find rest that we are able to move forward.

Life gets really busy and things happen. We have all of these family, work, school, friend, church, and various aspects of life to deal with. Many times we have no clue what we should do or say, but…I believe that it is in the quiet place of rest that we will hear The Lord guide us to a place where not only our soul finds rest, but the answers to all of the questions that our hearts ponder.

I needed this trip. I needed to be able to take a breath and rest. I needed to get away from all of the busyness. You can go on a vacation and not actually rest. You get so busy trying to have fun that it’s no longer rest. Instead it becomes a new job.

On this trip, we could have gotten really busy, but I chose to rest so that I could be rejuvenated enough to take some big steps in my daily life…to move forward.

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