Are You Faithful in The Little Things?

IMG_9604.JPGOften times we find ourselves committed to causes that we really believe in.

We make sure that we do all that we are asked to do. If we have committed to doing something or being somewhere, we’ll make sure that we are faithful to show up or do it. That’s great!

We are showing that we are disciplined.

Still, I have a question for you…

Are you as committed to yourself or even to your relationship with God as you are to these other commitments?

How many times do we make ourselves promises only to break them?

Where do we lack commitment to self?

Is it in working out?

Is it in reading, praying, or having time to rest?

Maybe you told yourself a long time ago that you wanted to do something, like finish your degree or go back to school, but you never did it.

Did you fine that you we committed to other things?

Now don’t get me wrong.

There is nothing wrong with having priorities and realizing that what you wanted to do for yourself, just didn’t fit into the picture at that time, but what about now?

Have you lost sight of a dream or desire and left it on the back burner?

Perhaps you’re like me and said that you wanted to read the Bible all the way through and never did it…well, what are we waiting for?

There will never be a better time than now to commit to doing something for ourselves.

God tells us to love one another as we have loved ourselves, but how can we do that if we have forgotten about ourselves and left her stranded in the dust somewhere, holding the promise of that commitment…

Really?! Are you still waiting on yourself to fulfill the commitment that you made to yourself years ago?

If your answer is yes…now is the time to get honest with you…

Today I encourage you, as I am encouraging myself, to prayerfully take a look at the things that you’ve wanted to do for yourself. PICK ONE and see where you can fit that commitment into your present life…

Be good to yourself so that you aren’t angry when God calls you to be good to someone else.

That’s right!!!

Be faithful in the small things for you.

People always call us to be faithful in the little things others, but you count too. Be faithful in the little things in your life…the little things that are important to you.

Perhaps you should take a rest today.

Maybe tomorrow, you can paint your nails.

Over the weekend you can go for a run or walk.

Read that book you’ve been wanting to read. I’m sure you can find an hour in your day to do this.

Talk to God while you ride in the car.

I’m sure that if you find time to do this, you will feel great about you.

Remember, you are loved and you matter!

Why Encourage Other People?


As people we are all boggled down with life. We get so busy doing the things that we think are necessary and required. When we are not doing the necessary and required, we begin to do what we desire. Sometimes we fail to realize or just forget that we live in a community of people that need us…and we need them.

Whether we are thinking about our home, family, friends, neighbors, church, online community, or even, dare I say, the world…we all need each other. When individuals spend too much time alone, they begin to experience thoughts that may not be conducive to their “best” life. In the Bible, this loneliness or not having encouragement, led to a disbelief because people started to question the faith that they once had in God.(Hebrews 3) This is the reason why God tells us to exhort one another.

We have to be there, available, ready, and willing to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith. We have no idea the struggles that they are going through and no one has any idea what we are going through as well. But God…

He is more that aware of our present condition and yes, He does and will encourage us, but He also gave us one another. We are a family and he wants us to help each other in our weakness.

If you are losing hope…don’t. Period…
God says in His word that no one who trust in and puts their hope in Him will ever be put to shame. (Romans 10:11)

If you feel like things are impossible…stop. Period…
God says in His word that with Him all things are possible.(Matthew 19:26)

If you feel like you have to give in to sin and temptation…don’t feel that way. And run!!! Period.
God says in His word that although sin comes to our house and knocked on the door, it crouches and waits, we have power over that sin…to overcome it. (Genesis 4:7, James 4:7)

If you feel that the cares in your life are just too much to bare and God doesn’t even care…like a car coming to a screeching holt, I say…DO NOT FEEL THAT WAY. Period…
God tells us in His word that he cares for us. In fact he wants us to thrust our cares upon Him because He cares. That’s right! He cares about everything that we care about. (1 Peter 5:7)

I am suggesting that you can just stop all of the things that I mentioned above. We have to take control of our emotions and cast vain thoughts out of our minds and vain imaginations off of us. (2 Corinthians 10:5) We have to tell ourselves (sometimes speaking out loud) that the thoughts and feelings that attempt to settle in us that are contrary to what God says and who He is, are all vain. Therefore, there is no need to hold on to them. We have to verbally cast them off!

Do you see how this works? I am encouraging you. Somehow, in encouraging you, I too, feel myself being encouraged. Why? Because we are the body of Christ and we need to build one another up so that or body can be strong. We are more connected that you know.

If one of us veers off to the left or the right, there are ravenous wolves waiting to devour…these are seen and unseen. Our thoughts and feelings are used as catalysts and springboards to set our hearts in motion away from or towards God.

So today lets stir one another up. Let’s encourage one another in the faith. Let’s encourage one another in relationships, work, hobbies, and life. God has empowered us to do it.

Someone might give up and turn away because we didn’t encourage him or her. That’s what the Bible says.

Be uniquely you, have no fear, and encourage someone else. You never know what a smile and a good word will do.