Open Letter to a Celebrity


When was the last time that someone held you accountable Told you when you were right and wrong When was the last time that they didn't just listen to your beat or dance to your song How long did you spend thinking about the decisions that you've made Not just about the opportunity or how much you'll get paid When did you consider your influence and the power to inspire change Have you realized that you could motivate some to do good and others to fail Maybe you don't realize they're hanging on … [Continue reading...]

Why do we struggle with identity

Being Mrs. Mom Identity Why we struggle

As women living in today's society, it so hard to identify ourselves.  I can personally say that I have been through this.  Often times, life want tries to identify me by what I'm currently doing, how many children I have, my work status, and even my husband.  While all of these are apart of who I am, they are not my identity.   If this is true, why do we struggle with it and how can we overcome it? Studies have shown, that women are relational by nature.  We want to connect, … [Continue reading...]

Sharing Scripture 15

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Sharing Scripture 14

Being Mrs. Mom 1Thes4 4.fw[Continue reading...]

Quote of the Month

“The more you accept God’s control over your life, the more self-control He gives you.” ~Pastor Joy Morgan

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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Always Have To Be Strong

BeingMrsMom 5 Reason Why You Don't Have To Be Strong

My entire adult life, I have been married and a mother.  I had to mature very quickly in order to fulfill my role as mother and wife. I remember when I was a child, I wanted to hurry up and become a grown woman.  I didn’t know that it would come so soon. However, when […]

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Are You Successful?


Are you successful? Do you feel successful?  Why or why not? If you answered no…what would it mean to you if you could, honestly, say yes? For a long time, I struggled with this question.  In my mind, I had always known what it was that I wanted to do and that I would be […]

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What am I worth


I have to remind myself of this, sometimes, because the world tries to tell me otherwise. I’m sure that it says the same thing to you. It says that our value is based on what we can do and on what we have. Yet that is not true!!! Your value is in who God says […]

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Sharing Scripture 13


Where can we find joy?

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The Importance of Being Authentic

The Importance of Authenticity

Be authentic… Does that spark any thoughts in you mind? Well, It is 2am and I am sitting in my bed typing this.  I wanted to make sure that I discussed it while it was fresh on my mind. We all have a message. We all have influence. Some of us feel that we are […]

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