Is Your Husband Flawed?

Is your husband flawed?

When I first married my husband, I was convinced that he was a great guy.  I knew that he would always love me and show me that he cared. As we moved into our second, third, fourth, and even fifth year of being married, I could see his flaws more than I could see them originally.  I considered how I thought he had changed and was determined to help him remember the qualities that he had possessed before, which qualified him for the "great guy" category. What I did not know was that he … [Continue reading...]

Communicating With Your Husband

Communicate with your husband

The other night, I was in a marriage coaching session with a couple.  After we had finished, I sat and thought about the communication between these two spouses.  I gradually began to think about my communications with my husband over the past 13 1/2 years. I realized that many times couples underestimate the effectiveness of loving, open-hearted communication. When we were in our first two years of marriage, I remember thinking that good couples in healthy marriages did not argue. … [Continue reading...]

Sharing Scripture 12


Being a wise and understanding wife is a blessing to every husband.

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Great Expectation


This morning I woke up with a great expectation. It just feels like a new beginning. Throughout this week, my oldest son was sick and I wasn’t feeling too great, but I thank God for my husband, who kept the house running smoothly. I took sometime, while resting to think and reflect on life and […]

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Use Your Voice


Over the past few weeks, I have struggled. I have been praying and seeking God about the direction that He wants me to go in. I have been blessed with talents and abilities. I have been given opportunities and chances to do such wonderful things. Yet it is very important to me that I fulfill […]

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Sharing Scripture 11


Let’s be encouraged, this week, by the Word of God to be wise.

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Decorating My Franklin Covey Planner

FC Planner 2

A few weeks ago, I decorated my Franklin Covey classic planner pages. I currently use the two page per day format in the planner. (There is a video below) Although I really enjoy decorating these pages, it’s not something that I do each time.  However, when I do decorate the pages, I do it a […]

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My New Franklin Covey Planner: Planner Love


If you have been visiting my blog for sometime, you would know that I am a planner gal.  I love being organized and utilizing my planner. Over the past few years, I have used a Franklin Covey planner, but I have often times thought about changing for one reason and one reason alone…it wasn’t always […]

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You Are Worth It

Know your value

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend.  As we sat and talked, we began to discuss our roles as women today.  We looked at who we are as wives, mothers, friends, daughter, and so much more.  As if those roles had not demonstrated to us the importance of the call that had placed […]

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Sharing Scripture 10


Today, I would like to remind you to not be afraid of your enemy. Have faith in God and the power He has given you through His Son.

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