Finding A lot

Last week I participated in the Ultimate Blog Party by 5 Minutes For Moms and I must say.  It is like I have found a whole new world.  It is a word of women blogs that are incredibly interesting and inspiring.  There are so many women out there blogging and they have a lot to say.  Well, I'm listening.  Each blog is unique and many of them offer great tips for the new blogger. While I have been surfing the net, I am finding that there are a lot of different blog communities out there.  They each offer their own benefits and I think it is nice to have many different options.  So yes, I am finding a lot of new things.  Looking at all of these other sites have allowed me the opportunity to see what possibilities are available out there.  Now I have to start applying what I have learned.  Did I mention that I have met some really great people?  Well, I did. And I'm sure that there are tons of others out there that I still need to meet...obviously. … [Read more...]

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