Photos for Posts

It’s kinda weird, but I find myself saving photos and headlines in my phone so that I can writ a blog post about the topic later. The funny thing is that I very rarely to back and actually write about the topic. I find that although I seem to believe that I will, I’m not actually going to go back and write a post on the topic. That’s why it’s important for me to blog about a topic while I feel like discussing it.

I guess you can call me a spontaneous blogger. Setting schedules and pre-posts just isn’t my thing. At least not right now in my life anyway. If do plan out a post, it’s a miracle that I actually post it.

Now I have to empty out my phone’s photos because they are taking up a lot of memory on my device. I hate to let them go, but I’ve got to do it.

Here’s to blogging on the spot…

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